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  • Low to medium viscosity giving low refridgeration properties and high thermal conduction.
  • Constant performance even over long operating periods.
  • Rapid dispersion and ease of filtering.
  • Helps prevent burnt out pit marks.
  • Optimum visibility in the spark gap.
  • No nasty fumes.
  • Almost totally odourless
  • Meets or surpasses the most stringent requirements of all principal EDM machines.
  • Higherlevels of refinement means non-toxic, no dry skin, no carcinogenic fumes as it is a fully synthetic product thus free from the natural impurities of other dielectric oils.
  • Brilliant mirror finish achievable.
  • Dramatic reduction in evaporation even at higher operating amps/temperatures, reductions of 5-7 times over conventional dielectric oils.
  • Manufactured in the EEC to full EEC standards and regulations.
  • Available in 25 litre or 205 litre.