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Application – Although copper does not have the same machining properties of Telco and Graphite it is still major material used in EDM today.
Copper is generally used where good surface finished is required.
It has an excellent wear rate and is probably the best material to use on detailed engraved electrodes. Copper is used where wire eroded electrodes are required. Copper is inexpensive and is available in a range of sizes including bars, tubes and coreless tube (spiral bar).

Copper is recommended for wired electrodes, highly detailed engraved electrodes and parts that require a polished finish.

Standard Sizes :

HD7 Round Bar –

(1/4″ to 6″) Dia × up to 72″

HD7 Plate Section –

(1/4″ to 2″) × 4″ × up to 72″
(1/4″ to 2″) × 6″ × up to 72″

HD7 Tube –

(0.010″ to 0.5″) OD × 12″

HD8 Coreless Tube –

(0.032″ to 0.197″) OD × 12″

Other sizes available on request (approx 1-2 days)